The Leadership and Academic Medicine Seminar: Opportunities for Diverse Medical Students and Residents

This innovation will also be a seminar OPEN TO ALL but tailored to encourage trainees (medical students, residents) who are underrepresented in academic medicine (women, LGBTQ, and racial and ethnic minorities) to consider leadership opportunities during medical school and residency and a future career in academic medicine career.

During the 1  day event, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the role and responsibilities of various medical school offices;
  • Navigate the array of leadership opportunities for medical students and residents in the various medical school offices or organizations;
  • Describe the benefits of engaging in leadership opportunities in the various medical school offices, especially as a diverse individuals;
  • Explore academic medicine career fit with their personal and professional interests;
  • Expand their network among academic medicine colleagues and role models.

Engagement & Leadership Seminar PDF


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