BNGAP’s mission is to help diverse medical students and residents become aware of academic medicine as a career option and to provide them with the resources to further explore and potentially embark upon an academic medicine career.


  1. Explore academic medicine careers to fit with trainees’ personal and professional interests;
  2. Navigate the array of academic medicine career paths and opportunities;
  3. Develop and enhance trainees’ academic medicine portfolio;
  4. Expand trainees’ network among academic medicine colleagues and role models.

Each year, the BNGAP chapter will work to fulfill the BNGAP mission and goals at their individual institution with the following objectives, with specific activities outlined in the strategic plan.


  1. At least 2 lectures or workshops per year to promote awareness of academic medicine career opportunities
  2. Submission of a scholarly project (research, education or service) by at least one member of the BNGAP chapter to a:
  3. Participate in the planning and/or implementation of a BNGAP Regional or National Academic Medicine Career Development Conference for Diverse Medical Students and Residents through any of the following: identifying speakers, securing a location, submitting abstracts for presentation, fundraising, recruiting participants, advertising, etc.
  4. Monthly calls with national leadership, regional leadership, and executive members of institutional chapters.
  5. Submit updated Chapter leadership and strategic planning information on a bi-annual basis (due December 15th and May 15th)
  6. Participate in development or implementation of a local or regional Health Related Academic Career Development Conference for College/Post-Bacc Trainees encouraged

How to start a BNGAP chapter instructional video:

✓ Any group comprised of at least three medical students in any M.D.- or D.O.-granting medical school in the United States, inclusive of Puerto Rico, may qualify as a chapter. The qualifiers shall contact BNGAP Inc. and abide by BNGAP Inc. constitution and bylaws in order to qualify as a BNGAP Chapter. There shall not be more than one BNGAP group at any graduate school campus. Affiliate Members and Provisional Members may attend group meetings.

✓ The chapter shall accept all people who meet BNGAP membership criteria and who attend their respective schools. Dues will be collected by BNGAP Inc. to support programs and dues-paying members will have discounted registration for regional and/or national conferences. *  The groups may appeal to BNGAP Inc. to request additional dues in order to support local or regional efforts. Groups shall be vested with the power to suspend or expel their members, so long as such suspension is consistent with BNGAP Inc. constitution and bylaws.

For more information on starting a BNGAP chapter at your local institution, please Contact Us.

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